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Piatra Neamt is a mountain town in north eastern Romania. The city of 135,842 people in 1992 and 105,000 in 2006 is Neamt County’s residence because of its beauty and architectural relief gained as the Pearl of Moldavia. From the industrial point of view is the second city of the county after the city of Roman. The city has experienced remarkable economic growth in recent years, being declared north - east development region residence. Population density: 1592 / Km ² (in 1992) and 1354 / Km ² (in 2002).

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Piatra Neamt is Neamt county’s residence. It is located on the river Bistrita, exactly at its output of mountains, at the confluence of the Cuiejdi River. On the geographical globe, Piatra Neamt is located at 20 ° 22 east longitude and 46 `` `` ° 56 north latitude. Piatra Neamt is located in an intra-mountain basin, at an altitude of 310 m, surrounded by Pietricica peaks (590 m) to the southeast, Cozla (679 m) to the north, Cernegura (852 m) to the southwest, Carloman (617 m) to the north-west and Batca Doamnei (462 m) to the southwest.

The city enjoys all the advantages of a unique nature, a temperate continental climate with short cool and pleasant summers, long autumns, mild winters without major frosts and snow in abundance. It is a "paradise" as a holiday resort. With such a natural setting, with easy connections to all points of the compass, today’s Piatra Neamt’s territory has been forever a pleasant living place.

The most important rivers of Piatra Neamt are Bistrita and Cuejdi. Among variable flow streams rates can be mentioned: Doamna, Sarata, Borzoghean. Lakes in the Piatra Neamt municipality are accumulating Batca Doamnei (255 ha and a volume of approx. 10 million cubic meters, dam formed by the same name) and ReconstructiA lake (10 ha and a volume of approx. 250 000 cubic meters, of which hydraulic canal separates the Bistrita). Both are Bistrita River reservoirs.

Bistrita River has a catchment area of 7039 km2. The average altitude of the basin is about. 920 m and is characterized by massive relief and higher elevations in the west and in the upper basin, then all lower east and southeast. After 1960, the middle and lower river Bistrita was hydropower arranged by building a total of 9 of the 13 lakes and hydro. The largest lake is Spring Mountain, with a volume of 1.12 billion cubic meters.
Until the hydropower system (whose targets range from Mountain Spring Lake - Dam Bicaz to Bacau), Bistrita River genuine act as communication artery of the city's economic life depended. In Bistrita came rafts that provided the raw material necessary lumber and paper and all it was a sure way now Bacau and Danube ports. In the city, the river had an average width of 50 m and a capacity of 50mc / s that have variations impressive but that oscillated between 3 and 1080 m / s, so sometimes big floods were devastating waterside character.

After building the Bicaz Lake and commissioning of the entire system hydropower Bistrita economic role and appearance have changed. Rafts disappeared, appeared hydropower as a source of clean energy, water flow variations not know the past, and there were beautiful lakes and dams that change the entire appearance of the Bistrita river bed. This has accentuated the picturesque region and increased tourism potential.

Piatra-Neamt’s Emblem

Piatra Neamt emblem was approved by City Council no. 321 / 05.12.2005 Decision and enrolls in Romanian heraldic tradition: On a red field the a silver embattled tower with the top slightly withdrawn, with pitched roof, wearing a cross on top.

Sole sharp, built, in gold, filled with a standing up chamois and right oriented heraldry. Sole or top of the shield, royal courts suggesting gold brick, stone wall city name to refer to it as a"rock"(Piatra) and the whole elevation can be seen as evoking the Pietricica Mountain. The Silver Tower suggests pretty obvious The St. John the Baptist Church, but in a stylish enough manner to not be considered as a photographic reproduction and to indulge a description in heraldic style.

Note upward direction of whole composition whose vertical axis is supported by the "mountain" golden masonry, loaded with medieval symbol of the city-goat: it says so, the development of the evolution of the settlement made on the basis of ancestry. All composition summarizes expensive symbols and the place’s expansion references (direct or just suggested) to multiple issues ranging from geographical location to the upward trend. The seven towers Mural crown indicates city status as County Capital.

The climate:

Being situated in a small valley, the town is sheltered from cold air masses and the frosts of winter.

The climate is generally mild, with short but pleasant summers and gentle winters. Of known statistics the maximum temperature ever recorded was 38.6 ° C while the minimum was -32 ° C.

The average temperature during the 365 days varies from year to year. Thus, there were years in which the average was 7.5 ° C, and years in which the average was 9 ° C. However, the average annual temperature is considered of 8.4 ° C.

Flora and fauna:

Present flora and fauna in the surroundings of Piatra Neamt is quite rich and varied. The surrounding forests are generally found in conifers (pine, spruce and pine) and hardwood (beech, birch, hornbeam, oak, cherry, apple, poplar) but also shrubs (corn, hawthorn, hazel, etc...), with many grass species, flowers and plants typical to prairie environment.
Of the small size creatures can be mentioned (squirrel, badger, rabbit, mouse, ferret, weasel, fox), and, more rarely it is true, wild bear, deer, deer and stags. Mammal species are added magpie, goldfinch, titmouse, woodpecker, jay, crow, owl, swallows, swifts, hoopoe, etc. In Bistrita  and Cuejdiului waters we meet small fish species (barbel, minnow, pig, etc..) and the lake from Batca Doamnei - increasingly rare - trout, chub and pike.

Access routes:

Access roads to Piatra Neamt are from Bacau and Bicaz DN15, DN15 C from Targu Neamt, through Humulesti and Baltatesti and DN15 D from Roman, through Girov (from where you get off DJ 208 G at Ancutei’s Inn).

Track access is on line 506, Bacau-Bicaz.

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